Snow Drifts

Painted: February 2021

One Man and His Dog

Painted: January 2021

Autumn Forest Walk

Painted: January 2021

Kirk Merrington Winter Sheep

Painted: May 2020

Kirk Merrington Snow

Painted: June 2018

Evening Walk

Painted: October 2017


Painted: September 2017

Sedgefield Hunt

Painted: 1997

Old Sedgefield

Painted: 1998

Dial House, Ferryhill

Painted: 2004

Ferryhill Town Hall

Painted: 2002

Ferryhill School

Painted: 2005

Ferryhill Forge

Painted: 2003

Feryhill Catholic Church

Painted: 2008

Dean and Chapter Pit

Painted: 2006

End of the Shift

Painted: 2010

Bishop Middleham Church

Painted: 2008