Gallery Update – January 2018

The year 2018 marks our Ten Year Anniversary of having Bondgate Gallery in Fore Bondgate, Bishop Auckland.

We are very excited about this landmark date for us as it has been 10 years of hard work.  Ideas that have worked and probably just as many that have failed.  We moved into a larger premises 5 years ago and underwent a massive building renovation last Christmas.   Our artclasses moved in-house last April and our workshops have been going from strength to strength.

To mark our 10th Birthday (at Easter), we are planning to have a party here so keep an eye on this page and our facebook page for full details.  Eric will be painting some new artwork too and these will be uploaded onto our New Originals page at the time.

Have a Virtual look around our Gallery

Using the attached link, you should be able to view our Gallery from the street and also come in and have a virtual look around.

Wait for the page to load and then at the top left you will see a window that has ‘See Inside’ Click on that and boom, you’re in our Gallery.

Use the mouse to move around and have a look, you can click into corners and then scroll to get a 360 degree view. We are a working gallery who have a full printing, mounting and framing service, so if you spot any mess please just pretend you didn’t 🙂

Virtual Bondgate Gallery