Late’s at Bondgate Gallery

We are having a Late Open Night here on Saturday 2nd July to support the start of the much anticipated KYNREN show. If you are on your way to the show or just want to experience the gallery at night, please do pop in and see us. Can’t wait for an amazing Summer of Culture.

Throughout the show dates, the Gallery will be adjusting it’s closing times to contribute to Bishop Auckland’s open and welcoming feeling for the new visitors.

Miniature’s at just £10 each

I’ve been developing a range of framed miniatures, at just £10 each, they are fab as gifts or souvenirs from your visit to Bishop Auckland.  A varying range are on view at Bondgate Gallery.

Mini's together

March ~ Update

We have had a very busy start to the year.  As a working gallery that provides a full range of art services, our work station finished up last year looking like a bomb had hit!  So we have built a brand new framing/display area and after spending the last couple of months using it, I’m very pleased with how efficient everything is.  We have all required tools within arms reach and the frame mouldings now hang straight which is great for my sense of calm 🙂

Eric is currently working on commissions, as we have had an influx of requests and we have another One-Day Workshop this week (9th March 2016).








Have a Virtual look around our Gallery

Using the attached link, you should be able to view our Gallery from the street and also come in and have a virtual look around.

Wait for the page to load and then at the top left you will see a window that has ‘See Inside’ Click on that and boom, you’re in our Gallery.

Use the mouse to move around and have a look, you can click into corners and then scroll to get a 360 degree view. We are a working gallery who have a full printing, mounting and framing service, so if you spot any mess please just pretend you didn’t 🙂

Virtual Bondgate Gallery